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Providing Solar Power Systems Since 1986

Since 1986, Colorado Solar Service Inc in Lakewood, CO has been meeting the metro Denver area’s renewable energy needs. We do so by helping homes and businesses install solar heating and other green energy systems. Our experience in the industry will help you find the best and most efficient thermal solar systems for your home or office.

Giving Green Energy a Shot

We can be certain of one thing: Colorado is blessed with sunshine. Sunny or partly sunny days account for up to two-thirds of the year on average. With that much solar energy available, it is time to consider getting a solar energy system to supplement the power you get from the grid. We can help you find the best solar electric system that will harness the sun’s power efficiently and effectively.
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Make Solar Power Work for You

If you need solar thermal power that works, call us at (303) 233-9675 today. We help you meet your energy conservation concerns. Our solar power services are licensed, insured, and certified for your protection. Make Colorado Solar Service Inc your preferred clean energy contractor today.